Friday, 2 December 2016

Personalized Pocket Tool Using Cricut

I recently joined an online Facebook group for Cricut users and it has been amazing! If you haven't joined one and you own a Cricut you have got to check one out!!! The members are full of amazing and creative ideas and are willing to share their knowledge and help out when you just can't figure out the next step.

With Christmas just around the corner, the online world of crafting has been full of projects people have shared that they have made to commemorate loved ones lost. One lady shared how she had converted her grandmothers handwriting onto a Christmas ornament for her tree and I knew I wanted to do something similar with my 4 year olds super cutesy chicken scratch!!!

On a recent trip to Michaels I found this pocket tool in a basket near the checkout and I fell in love, a tool with a hammer! How perfect for my husband who I love to tease about his ability to "bash" things!!! And so out came a little piece of paper and a black sharpie...

1.) I asked my son to write DADDY on a piece of white paper using a black pen (for easy contrast), I asked him to write this as straight as he could (I'm not going to lie there were 4 or 5 attempts before we got it all on 1 piece of little notepad paper).

2.) I snapped a picture of the piece of paper using my iPhone and emailed it to myself so I could save the file onto my PC.

3.) I uploaded the image to to convert it to an SVG file that the Cricut could read as cuttable. After uploading I scrolled through the various filters until I got the clean lines I wanted (this is where the black on white comes in handy). See sample below...

4.) When the image looked the way I wanted, I saved it to my PC as an SVG file.  I then opened up Cricut Design Space, uploaded the file using the "Upload Image" feature and cut it out of black vinyl.

5.) I used a small piece of scrap transfer tape to transfer the vinyl lettering to the pocket tool and Voila! Personalized Pocket Tool <3

Happy Crafting!!!

Vintage & Varnish <3

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